Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where Are They Now: Singer Res

So I just spent the last hour and half trying to find some singer that I thought back in the day was super awesome cool, hot, had awesome style...and I could've sworn she was English and I could've sworn her name sounded like "Reese." Ok so I was partially right, her name is pronounced like "Reese," but it's spelled "Res." Except she's not English and she's a native from Philly. I have no earthly clue why I thought she was English. I think that messed up my search. And once I start obsessing about something, I can't stop researching until I find it, so I am glad the search took less than 2 hours this time around. Anyhows, this female artist was SO downplayed and I feel she did not get the proper recognition when she came out all the way in I wanna say 2002? I loved her songs "Golden Boys" and "They Say Vision."

Can we say hotness?!! I love her look! Absolutely stunning!

And then I never saw her on the scene...she just disappeared! This girl can rock and she had a different edge than other singers at the time. This is my conclusion, people were not ready for someone like her around that time and now I feel it's so hard for to get back into the scene because the industry is so saturated with shit...I'm sorry to say. Res is obviously talented and I feel it's so sad this woman never got the recognition that she well deserves. Not only is she talented and has a a great set of pipes, but she is stunning! And her sense of fashion is unique and fun and reminds me a little of lead singer of Santigold. It's a shame, but Res is trying to make a comeback and I wish her luck. Her album she came out recently independently with is called "Black.Girls.Rock." I just wanted to give her a shout out and let her know people loved her and miss her from the scene and I'm hoping to hear some new material from her. She is one chick who definitely can rock it out! Wishing her luck for the future and I think we can expect some cool stuff from her soon.

Here's an interview with her...

(Muphoric Sounds,

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