Friday, February 11, 2011

FALL 2011 NY Fashion Week (Feb 10-17)

So it's Fashion Week, loveys! Today was official day of shows and I'm afraid I don't have a major consensus of what to expect of the shows, so I'm gonna wait to report of what I liked and what I saw and what we will see for the trends for Fall 2011, so stay tuned, loves! I hope to see something new in these shows this year. I'm getting a little bored of fashion these days. I wanna be in awe and rant and just love something to death. I guess let's see what the designers bring to us this season! STAY TUNED! Ciao bellas!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where Are They Now: Singer Res

So I just spent the last hour and half trying to find some singer that I thought back in the day was super awesome cool, hot, had awesome style...and I could've sworn she was English and I could've sworn her name sounded like "Reese." Ok so I was partially right, her name is pronounced like "Reese," but it's spelled "Res." Except she's not English and she's a native from Philly. I have no earthly clue why I thought she was English. I think that messed up my search. And once I start obsessing about something, I can't stop researching until I find it, so I am glad the search took less than 2 hours this time around. Anyhows, this female artist was SO downplayed and I feel she did not get the proper recognition when she came out all the way in I wanna say 2002? I loved her songs "Golden Boys" and "They Say Vision."

Can we say hotness?!! I love her look! Absolutely stunning!

And then I never saw her on the scene...she just disappeared! This girl can rock and she had a different edge than other singers at the time. This is my conclusion, people were not ready for someone like her around that time and now I feel it's so hard for to get back into the scene because the industry is so saturated with shit...I'm sorry to say. Res is obviously talented and I feel it's so sad this woman never got the recognition that she well deserves. Not only is she talented and has a a great set of pipes, but she is stunning! And her sense of fashion is unique and fun and reminds me a little of lead singer of Santigold. It's a shame, but Res is trying to make a comeback and I wish her luck. Her album she came out recently independently with is called "Black.Girls.Rock." I just wanted to give her a shout out and let her know people loved her and miss her from the scene and I'm hoping to hear some new material from her. She is one chick who definitely can rock it out! Wishing her luck for the future and I think we can expect some cool stuff from her soon.

Here's an interview with her...

(Muphoric Sounds,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

10 Beauty Products to Own in 2011

Backstage of Spring 2011 Chanel show

So I'm back from my slight hiatus, school had been busy, but guess what? Classes are done and now it's time to enter into the world of fashion and find an internship. I am excited and hope good things are around the corner. Wish me luck, cats!

All right, so today I wanna focus on MY favorite makeup products. And by all means everyone has their own preferences, but as someone who is a makeup junkie I'm hoping my suggestions will be of help to some. Let's be honest not all of us have the luxury to be natural beauties and need that extra boost to "enhance" our beauty. I won't lie I need that slight enhancement to accentuate what I got. Today I wanna talk about the 10 products that I think everyone should dib into their pockets for 2011 that you should have in your drawers. So here we go...

#1 Moisturizer with SPF

This is a must, ladies. The foundation to beautiful skin is MUST use a moisturizer, but the foundation to young and healthy looking skin is using a moisturizer with SPF. And I can't stress this more. Unfortunately, many women skip this step and think using ANY moisturizer will suffice. WRONG GIRLS! I hate to front out some of my girlfriends, but I've been to their homes and bathrooms and they tend to not have proper cleansers and moisturizers, and they always ask me how I still look so young for my age. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's all about the ya heard it here...the moisturizer I use. I happen to not stick to one brand and jump around a little...I'm what you a beauty product whore. I like trying and giving products a chance. I can't help it, but I will say I don't stray TOO far from my favorites! ;-)
Hope in a Jar SPF 25 by Philosophy is one of my faves and tends to always make it on the list every year with most beauty polls when it comes to the best moisturizer. This particular little jar has a major following and rightfully so, I actually have my own jar in my bathroom and it works like a little charm. This little sucker retails at $38. Although this price is fairly cheap I think in my book as far as a moisturizer I have to say this still tops any other luxury SPF moisturizer on the market right now, and this is just personal preference. I could have sat here and told you go and get some La Mer SPF Moisturizer, but I'm here to give honest advice on what I think is good and actually WORKS. In this instance, Philosophy suffices the splurge category.

#2 Tinted Moisturizer

So the reason why I emphasize this is a must is because I think everyone should work their way to use as minimal as they can with their makeup if they want to truly achieve young and healthy looking skin. And I think it's important to acknowledge we do need some help to even out the tone of our skin but at the same we need to be careful what we do put on our faces. That's right, you can't mess with the moneymaker now! So I hope by using proper cleanser and SPF you can achieve the most minimal of makeup, which in my opinion would be the tinted moisturizer (with SPF preferably).

My favorite all time to go tinted moisturizer is nonetheless Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. While working as a makeup artist for Giorgio Armani I also worked right next to Laura Mercier and let me tell cakes this item. I must've sold hundreds of these, that honestly I had to understand the hype. It really is a great item and me representing another cosmetic line I have to say and am by all means not even ashamed to admit this, but I even I helped push this item, of course after trying it myself. It's lightweight and feels like nothing is on and what's better than the feeling of no makeup on your face, I'll tell you...the feeling of no makeup when there IS makeup on your face. How brilliant! This little baby retails at $42 and comes in two formulas one for normal skin and the other for oily skin. Also maybe not the most expensive on the market, but it really is the best one out there right now.
#3 Black Eyeliner

I know, I know...what's new?! But this is a must in EVERYONE'S makeup bag. Now let me explain this. Firstly, has anyone seen the movie "House Bunny"? Ok remember the scene when she's teaching them makeup tips? Haha...remember the line..."First we must highlight ur eyes...the eyes are the nipples of the face." SO TRUE, LADIES! It really is what most people notice first about anyone's face. And maybe you may not have naturally alluring eyes, but guess what??? This is the magic and beauty of makeup...being able to create the ILLUSION that you do. And everyone loves beautiful eyes, especially the menses. A black eyeliner is a simple way to open your eyes and make you look awake. I personally love eyeliner along the lash line and the bottom.

I personally use MAC pencil eyeliner. And I can probably write a novel on different eyeliners, but I prefer pencil because A) it really is easy to use, B) it is easy to maneuver to what you want to achieve, and C) why get all complicated with gel liners or liquid eyeliners, when it does the same thing unless you're trying to achieve something different. I just think keep it simple when the simple product can achieve MANY looks, so why complicate things. I'm all about the simplicity of products. It's like when I went to find a red lipgloss to replace my favorite one that was discontinued, and no one could help me find what I wanted and they were trying to tell me I could achieve what I wanted in several steps....NO! I want ONE step! So same thing here, one product that can do multiple things. Now MAC carries several different formulas, but I like their Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Engraved because it is waterproof and I'm a contact wearer so I tear up very often and I also love their Technakohl Eyeliner in GraphicBlack, because I don't have to sharpen it. Both the eyeliners retails at $14.50.
#4 Black Mascara

So to add to the black liner it's essential to have black mascara to finish off the perfect look. I love mascara. I actually have been blessed with long lashes but for some reason I want to accentuate them even more. I love it when people think I have fake lashes on and I have to be like nope they're real! I don't know why but I truly do like the way fake lashes look, obviously I don't like drag queen looking lashes, but to achieve pretend fake lashes with the help of mascara is even better!!

I choose Dior DiorShow Mascara ($25). This mascara is always placed on the top of everyone's list, including Allure and InStyle. It not only makes your lashes longer, but it makes them thicker, and curled. It definitely creates doll-like "fake" looking eye-batting eyelashes.
#5 Bronzer

I don't use blush, but I LOVE bronzer as my substitute to blush. I love the look of sunkissed cheeks and looking golden bronze year round. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but I think it creates that golden look that makes you glow. It gives you color without going too overboard.

I actually have a couple of favorites that I switch from, but the one I am using right now is Nars in Casino. It gives me the look of being in Miami year round, it's wonderful! For people who need something a little lighter than Casino, the other shade is Laguna, so for those who are paler they should use Laguna instead. This bronzer retails at $32.
#6 A Great Concealer

So concealer is a must for most people. If you can avoid to use concealer that's great, but I know for most people it is detrimental. And I don't mean this in a bad way, but let's be honest everyone has their blemishes and acne or dark circles they need to hide. Now you may hear some makeup artists tell you that sometimes you may need to use different types of concealers to conceal particular things and they might require different colors for what you are trying to hide. Figure out what is the most important for you to conceal. For everyday looks, you don't want to use so much on your face.

The concealer I've been hearing a huge buzz on is MAC's Pro Longwear Concealer ($16.50). It holds up for 15 hrs and God knows that is music to my ears considering when you wear makeup you want it to hold the whole day. This particular formula is lightweight and gives a medium to full coverage.
#7 Golden/Metallic Shadows

Ok, so I used to be a major eyeshadow whore. You name it, I probably have eyeshadow colors in almost every shade. I used to buy shadows just to have shadows. I even own Rated R by Nars and if anyone is familiar with this DuoShadow you know how crazy wild that duo set is. If not check it out (click on that link)! But back to what I was saying...I am loving what I am seeing with the whole concept of using metallics to create a smokey look. And if you've noticed every season there is some new take on the smokey look. And forget the smokey look even alone looks so versatile.

I love Nars eyeshadows because they have so much pigment in them and they stay on so well, so I suggest Nars. I am a little biased with Nars because I love this line for the sheer fact of their fun colors and how can you ignore the fun, sexy names (i.e. Orgasm, Easy Lover, Barbarella...need I say more?). Love that look! It's so sexy and such a wow factor! And if you can get Nars's Eyeshadow Primer, it will stay put the whole day, their primer is to die for! The single shadows run at $23. The duos run at $32. The picture on the left is courtesy of fellow Blogspotter the Makeup Addict, check her out, she's amazing at doing eyes and makeup.
#8 A Good Foundation

It is very important to have a proper foundation that lasts and looks natural and does not look feel heavy on your face. Many foundations feel like you're wearing a mask and that is not what you want. Spend the money on a proper foundation. I can not stress this...IT IS WORTH IT to spend a little more on your foundation products. Just think of it like this, it is what is sitting on your skin and you skin in sacred. If you want to protect your skin and stay and look as young as you can as long as you can, trust me when I say this. Even if it is a little more money, it is well worth it. Save your money and don't buy those extra martinis every week, because let's be real that's extra cals you don't need anyways, and the extra money can go into a proper foundation that actually won't damage your skin. Just think about it that way!

My FAVORITE foundation of all time and it will not change until something else comes out that proves me it's better is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It's like butter!!! BUT-TER!!!! It feels great, makes you look absolutely flawless, it really acts as a second skin that looks absolutely natural and even. It is amazing and let me tell you this little sucker ALWAYS makes it on the best foundation list every year! This retails for $59, but well worth every dollar and cent! And I guarantee this! The only flaw doesn't come in a huge range of colors, so for people on the darker side, it's not your best friend, BUT if you do have a color match, you DEFINITELY need this in your makeup bag. BUTTER!
#9 Pink Lipgloss

Pink lipgloss is so versatile and it really looks great on every skin complexion depending on the tone of the pink, but honestly every skin tone can find a perfect shade of pink. I just love pink because I'm a girly girl when it comes to lipgloss, and I only wear lipgloss. I love the look of it, I think it's sexy and it's so easy. Yes, you may have to reapply a few times during the night, but I love it. I love the look of babydoll pink lips!

My FAVORITE lipgloss is Giorgio Armani Lipshimmer #9 ($27). I was trying to find an exact picture of the shade and this is the best I could find to exactly show the shade of pink that I think is hot. If you look at the left picture it is the leftmost lipgloss. This color is amazing and looks good every time I wear it. And amazingly it really looks great on many skin colors (as I am Tan). I love this shade of pink! Right now the craze of pink is fuchsia, so play it up to what you think looks great on you and what you can rock!
#10 Colorful Eyeshadows/Pencils or Lips

This one I left last because I don't think it's a necessity to have, but you should always keep one or a couple few fun colors for nights you want to play up your eyes in a fun, playful, flirty way. Right now for Spring 2011 we are seeing more color, so have fun with it and keep a couple in your makeup bag. But don't go overboard because it might be overkill with the colors if you wear too much. Be subtle with it and you will definitely win with the look. Right now we're seeing lots of green liners or shadows and lots of tangerine and fuchsia lips. Just pick one and go with it!

Again I'm gonna have to go with Nars, since they provide fun, trendy colors. The shadow displayed is Nars Duo Eyeshadow Palette ($32) in Misfit. And the pic with the model wearing the coral tangerine lip color is taken backstage at the Spring 2011 Fendi show.
So there it is! The essentials you need this year. I hope people can take this and use this to help build their makeup bags with MY essentials for 2011. Here's the thing, a little goes a long way. You don't need tons of makeup to achieve sexiness. These few items will help you achieve a lot with only 10 products. If you have the capacity to spend more by all means explore more colors, but for those who need the basics, trust! This little list will be a lifesaver. Don't be afraid of makeup, the easiest thing for me to say is always explore, you never know what colors may look good on you. It may look crazy, wild in its packaging, but guess what? It totally looks completely different when you put it on. It's just like clothes. Don't knock it till you try it. You may think you can't pull bright colors, but you may be. The whole thing you have to own what you wear. Have the confidence and you will wear the makeup and the makeup won't wear you. Sound a bit familiar? Happy Makeup shopping and welcome to hotness!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Michelle Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner

My favorite 1st lady is dressed in Prabal Gurung at the White House Correspondents Dinner on May 1, 2010 at the Washington Hilton. And this is what I have to love about Michelle Obama our wonderful 1st Lady...she just is always impeccably stunning (except for a few occasional "what-was- she-thinking moments). And Mr. President never fails me! This man ALWAYS compliments his wife every time he makes a speech at an event such as this. How cute are they? I just love them together so much, truly are one of the cutest First couples ever. Anyways, back to Mrs. O...She is always a huge supporter of young designers and it is just great for these designers to have that type of exposure. She has made so many designers such as Jason Wu and Thakoon, amongst others, so recognized. And it is truly shows how daring she is for trying different and new and up-and-coming designers. It shows she takes risks within what she can get away with by being First Lady. I heart her. I think she's a wonderful, strong woman and watching her fashions and what she wears is so interesting for me. I think it's interesting to watch her every step and especially what she wears . I guess keeping track of what she wears makes me closer to her. What can I say, I admire this woman, so anything she does intrigues me!

On another note...can we say what was Kim Kardashian thinking when she wore her mother's "vintage" Valentino dress. I normally like what she wears but to the White House Correspondents Dinner, I mean come on! I get what she was trying to do, but to be honest, the dress looked better on her mother back in the day. She needed to wear something more suited for her more curvaceous body. I think she just wanted to wear something "appropriate" for a dinner event with the President of the United States, but I'm thinking she made a boo-boo this time around. I just think it wasn't as flattering. But she's a beautiful girl and normally hits it right with her body type, but this time I have to disagree with her choice to wear the Valentino dress. Don't get me wrong it isn't awful awful, she just could've done better or worn something more suited for her. What do you think?

Just not feeling it. She still looks pretty, but this dress was not a huge hit with her fans or the critics.
It's all good, she still is a good dresser for the most part with her lil' L.A. look. Still love your other looks, Kimmie! Just not THIS one! Eeeks!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Met Gala 2010

Oprah in Oscar la Renta with Oscar de la Renta himself.

Today was the Met Gala...the gala was hosted by Oprah Winfrey, Anna Wintour, and Gap creative director Patrick Robinson. This is one of the most anticipated events of the year and today is no exception. The theme at the exhibition is the "American Women: Fashioning a National Identity." The exhibit will run from May 5- August 25, 2010. The collection at the Met looks at women from 1890-1940 who have influenced the perception of the modern woman that we are accustomed to today.

Everyone came all dolled up and looked fabulous for the most part except for the few who committed fashion faux pas. Everyone who is anyone attends the Met Gala. Who was your favorite tonight? I think I have to say I loved what Sienna Miller was wearing and one of my favorites is always Blake Lively. The girl has got it going on, her style is on point and her body is bangin'! I really love Blake Lively and she truly has a great stylist combined with her eye because girlfriend knows what looks best on her. And Sienna Miller is just great. She is just a fashion icon and looks great in anything she wears, but what I was mainly surprised and shocked by was the fact that she showed up publicly with Jude Law on her arms!!! I guess he has been forgiven and it is official they are an item again. I know this isn't new news, but it boggles my mind of their on and off-again relationship. Well I guess it is what it is. Anyhow, here are some of the looks of tonight:

Blake Lively in Marchesa

Sienna Miller & Jude Law

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

Anne Hathaway in Casadei

Zoe Saldana in Calvin Klein

Sarah Jessica Parker in Halston

Chloe Sevigny in Proenza Schouler

So that's a small taste of what people are wearing and what caught my eyes. I saw a posting from Rachel Roy who I happen to follow on FB and she had pics up of her going to the Met and she looked exquisite. Absolutely gorgeous. The Met Gala is the time to look your best and you definitely see that at this year's gala.

Here's a video of the event by the New York Post...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oooooh weeeeee! Can we say SMOKIN'?!

Helena Christensen posed for Reebok nude! And let me tell you! She still has got it going on! This woman has got to be one of the most beautiful and sought after supermodels of her time and she still looks great at....41! You heard right...she's 41! And no wonder Reebok chose her to represent their new EasyTone sneakers, which supposedly are promised to work out your lil bum and legs at the same time! NICE! Sounds like a version of the Shape-ups, which is a version of the MBT shoes, and I have to say I have heard lots of great success stories for Shape-ups, so maybe who knows these EasyTone sneakers might do the trick and with Miss Helena Christensen posing nude in the sneakers may cause a riot and make women want those sneakers more! I don't know about you, but makes me wanna run laps in these EasyTones! The sneakers were designed by an ex-NASA engineer and claims these sneakers work out the derrière and legs. So if you want to have sexy legs and a cute little bum, go and get some EasyTone sneakers. I'm thinking if Helena Christensen loves them, they must be good, although she may have a huge advantage over us "commoners" and actually have the genes to look fit and perfect over the majority, but who knows. Maybe using these we normal people may have that chance...wink, wink!

To get a better understanding of the technology of how the shoe works, here is a video that goes into how the shoe actually works and the technology used to make the results they promise.

For more information, please check out

Friday, April 30, 2010

Viktor & Rolf Fall 2010 Collection

Was just watching an episode of Videofashion on T.V. and saw the most innovative show I've seen in awhile. It's Viktor & Rolf's Fall 2010 line. Amazing! I just felt like it needed to be shared with the world, because I haven't seen so much creativity in awhile. Their show was so different. And different in a good good way. The whole concept is being in a factory and their muse for the show is the one and only Kristin McMenamy. And the show is so beautifully done. It was all about timing and details, and so proudly done. The girls are in a factory and every time a model comes they go back to back with Kristin McMenamy who is the "doll" who sheds a layer of clothing off and it is strategically put onto the other "doll"/model who will sport that piece of garment, as Kristin McMenamy stands so statuesque throughout the whole show and truly acts as the true "doll"/"mannequin". Good work, girlfriend! To stay that "doll-like" through the whole 20 minute...bravo! With a revolving round platform moving around as both of the designer's strategically pulled off garments and then put back on particular garments in different ways. Basically a garment that may have been a dress was converted into a cape by the way it is zipped or buttoned. It was so brilliantly done. This is a must see. So innovative, so thought out, so...I'm sorry I have run out of words, but brilliant. Check it out!

I really did not realize how talented these men were until I watched this show. I am impressed for sure!
Hope you are too! Unbelievable and this makes me want to see more of their work!