Friday, April 30, 2010

Viktor & Rolf Fall 2010 Collection

Was just watching an episode of Videofashion on T.V. and saw the most innovative show I've seen in awhile. It's Viktor & Rolf's Fall 2010 line. Amazing! I just felt like it needed to be shared with the world, because I haven't seen so much creativity in awhile. Their show was so different. And different in a good good way. The whole concept is being in a factory and their muse for the show is the one and only Kristin McMenamy. And the show is so beautifully done. It was all about timing and details, and so proudly done. The girls are in a factory and every time a model comes they go back to back with Kristin McMenamy who is the "doll" who sheds a layer of clothing off and it is strategically put onto the other "doll"/model who will sport that piece of garment, as Kristin McMenamy stands so statuesque throughout the whole show and truly acts as the true "doll"/"mannequin". Good work, girlfriend! To stay that "doll-like" through the whole 20 minute...bravo! With a revolving round platform moving around as both of the designer's strategically pulled off garments and then put back on particular garments in different ways. Basically a garment that may have been a dress was converted into a cape by the way it is zipped or buttoned. It was so brilliantly done. This is a must see. So innovative, so thought out, so...I'm sorry I have run out of words, but brilliant. Check it out!

I really did not realize how talented these men were until I watched this show. I am impressed for sure!
Hope you are too! Unbelievable and this makes me want to see more of their work!

Long Live McQueen!

Well we all know the beloved Alexander McQueen had committed suicide a few months ago and had devastated the world of fashion. He was a true talent in the fashion industry and was a visionary. Just yesterday we were all informed of how he had attempted to overdose before he hung himself and there were certainly drugs in him. They reported cocaine, sleeping pills, and tranquilizers in his system. It still saddens me that he is gone. He truly was a great talent and was far too young to take his life. It's also reported by McQueen's psychiatrist, Dr. Stephen Pereira, that McQueen has attempted an overdose twice before and also has been quite vocal about feeling too much pressure from his work and felt like his work was the only area in his life he felt like he achieved something. Also Pereira mentioned that McQueen felt a huge void in his life when his mom died and felt like he had very little to live for anymore because his mom was so close to him and now she was gone. I wish there was a way to have reached out to him and make him understand there was a lot to live for. Such as his talent and his work and how he has changed fashion and influenced fashion and was needed to evolve the world of fashion. A true creative genius has been snatched from life and was snatched from a real chance to implement his ideas and talent. It's a shame, but may he rest in peace. Here's my tribute to him, may he be a legend forever in the world of fashion!

Fall 2010

Spring 2008

Spring/Summer 2009

May Alexander McQueen rest in peace.
He was a true visionary and genius and we were lucky to live when he did and witness the true talent this man embodied.

Please enjoy a clip of his final Paris show for Spring/Summer 2010...what a true genius!

Also would like to include something by MOD TV, who was backstage at this show!
It's amazing how conceptual his thought process was.
This video goes into that and shows how brilliant he truly was.
Please enjoy!

I'd like to also include a video clip of probably one of his last interviews which has three parts.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hot Accessory for Summer...The Turban Head Wrap! Get'em while they're hot!

Yayyyyyy!!!! So when I was at school today, I had a break after taking my Fashion History test, which let's hope for an A!!! But back to my excitement and what I wanted to share. So while I was in the lobby area I happened to be talking to my mom and this girl walked by with the coolest headband EVER. I saw it and I wanted it! It is hipster/boho is HOT HOT HOT! So I come home and my mission was to find this oh-so-beautifully made head wrap. So the whole new hot trend with headbands/wraps are the whole turban head wraps! I LOVEEEEE! I HEART!!!! So I've been surfing on the net and I finally found it....but ooooohhhhh weeeeeeee! $475?! Yeah right! I'm on a student budget and that is just not even cool for a head wrap. I am all about fashion and spending it on a beautiful handbag or beautifully constructed shoes, but a head wrap? Don't think so. is so hot that is deserved a blog and I needed to give appreciation to the designer of this beautiful head wrap. Jennifer Behr is the woman.

She is MAY-JAH when it comes to a headband/wrap. I mean the woman can construct headbands and make them look royal! If you're not familiar with her work, I suggest click on that lil' link I've provided up there and look at her work. It's pretty amazing. This particular headband/wrap is a little harder in look than the others on her website. The others are exquisite and she also has a bridal line for headbands. I would love to own one, just isn't my budget, but don't get it twisted! I shalls be wandering around NYC and those outdoor vendors who sell headbands and accessories are bound to selling one similar at a steal.

So this is my new mission! I will find one at a steal! This headband is hot! Hopefully I find one soon though before this look dies out. But it's everywhere!

These are turban head wraps at a fraction of the cost.
(The top head wrap is at retail for $18 plus S&H as well as the bottom one)

Even Carrie Bradshaw is sporting a turban head wrap in the new installment of SATC 2! AND it's pretty hot!
Gotta find out which designer it is and if it was manually wrapped or pre-wrapped, but regardless, this look is hot and I think we will see more of it this summer!

So go and get you a turban head wrap. They are chic and so the "in" thing right now. It reminds me of the 19-teens and 1920s when Poiret was madly in love with the whole concept of Middle-Eastern/Turkish looks. I love it and if anyone knows me I HEART the 1920s fashions b/c it was a revolutionary moment for women and it embarked on women making a stance and was the start of women evolving for the first time taking risks to the utmost. Women cut their hair super short, hemlines majorly raised to the knees and ultimately shorter, women wore makeup, smoked, drank. It was the start of the powerful women we have been accustomed to today. And the women then initiated that stance. Anyhows, getting off topic, but it is so Poiret from the 19-teens/20s. So I heart! I shall be sporting this look in the summer for sheezy. Ha...had to drop in my ghetto-fab vocab! So ladies, go get you a turban and sport it up this summer! It is H-O-T, hot!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

But she was wearing 4 INCH BEBE shoes NOT 6 inch Louboutins!

So I know I've been talking more about shows these days, but I've been keeping the T.V. on in the background and I love watching E! shows for sheer entertainment purposes. But what is this new show on E! seriously about...Pretty Wild...yeah more like Pretty Annoying! Who are these irrelevant girls? I imagine they are nobodies because I've never heard of them in my life. And what is up with the whole Hollywood Burglaries. Never heard of them...and how did that constitute or make them eligible for a damn reality show...maybe I need to do something like that to get my own show. But these girls cry in EVERY episode. It's like shutup you cry baby! I just wanna slap them! But this episode from tonight takes the cake and I say it's my clip of the week! On tonight's episode, Alexis, the middle sister, who was accused of the Hollywood burglaries was interviewed in Vanity Fair about the incident and supposedly was offended by what was written in the magazine about her...she is just sooooo offended why??? Because how dare the journalist but she wrote about Alexis wearing Christian Louboutin shoes that were 6 inches high, versus the fact that she was REALLY wearing 4 inch BEBE SHOES! I mean how dare Vanity Fair change that very vital and SUPER important detail of the trial!!!! I mean what?! The AUDACITY!!!! I just want to know what frickn' difference does 2 inches make? Haha! I mean I guess it's more "sober" and less "call girl" looking, but I want to know why that makes someone cry their eyes out. I know this is a waste of blog space to even mention these nobodies, but I just find humor in these idiotic chicas who seriously just need to go to college and get a college degree because really, get a brain! Keep posted...I will find a clip of this idiotic moment, but can't find one at this moment probably b/c it just aired tonight...but not to worry...I shall post it, so people can laugh at the same thing that made me laugh my ass off! Literally me, my roommate, and her bf were dying laughing of the stupidity of the situation. It's pretty hilarious! Anyhows, if you need a laugh this show will provide that on the sheer fact that these girls are idiots and need a life.

The promised video...Warning it's a 22 min long video, but well worth it b/c you WILL laugh your arse off! Guaranteed! Run along, click that play button! ;-)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

When Plastic Surgery has gone too far

So I happened to be at home watching TV working on some work, and I happened to stop and get sucked into what what...THE HILLS! Don't ask, but I was in the mood for effortless, nonintellectual shows which wouldn't take much thinking because God knows Lost has eaten up too many of my brain cells (SERIOUSLY! What in the world is going on on that show?! Which is totally another subject! So moving on...), but it's the weekend needed something less stimulating. So here I am watching "The Hills" and they've been showing episodes from season 2...YES, season 2! Pre-surgery Heidi Montag! OMG! SHE LOOKS SOOOOOO different right now! It's almost disgusting. She is a monster right now! WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? They kept showing ads for the new season and showed the new Heidi Montag after the surgery and wow is all I can say. Seriously. It was sad. To see her episodes of when she actually looked normal and cute in her mousey little way, but now she looks almost as ick as the "Cat Woman." Ok maybe not as hideous and disgusting, but pretty disgusting. And I want to know when it is too far? I mean homegirl seriously had a chin lift, bigger boobs, nose job, and some tucking of something else on her face. HIDEOUS! She truly was cuter before and had to ruin her face and now there's no going back and my concern for women like this is their lack of self confidence and it saddens me. It saddens me that you have such low confidence that you continue to do more work on yourself. Look I'm all about needed a boob lift/job, a nose job, teeth work done, whatever to boost your confidence. Sure, why not! Do it, if it helps you, whatever floats your boat to help you love yourself more. My issue is the women who still can't love themselves and are finding something "new" to nitpick on about themselves and keeps having these procedures done and God forbid and may he rest in peace because I love me some Michael Jackson, but God forbid someone start looking like him when I'm sorry but Michael Jackson was normal looking at one time in life. It's just sad that these people have this weird condition that makes them to see themselves in a different light and mirror. But Heidi Montag need to ixnay on the plastic surgery! NO MORE! Just leave it as is, and love yourself girl! You're a cute girl! Don't ruin it any more! But hey...whatever floats your boat, but if you want some type of beauty left in your face (which is very little) don't even!

ICK to the pic on the right!
She looked adorable on the left side.
Super girl next door, cute!
Now she looks like a drag queen!

So it's hillarious on the Tuesday's Season premiere we will see Heidi and her family react to her new look and they completely disapprove the surgery and think she looks like a monster as well and it's hillarious b/c it's a clip of her trying to eat a burger and she can't even chew it because her jaw is still sore from this massive surgery. It is hilarious and the poor girl who clearly has image issues is being dogged by her mom for her choices in looking like a monster. Eeks. Bad sign if your mom thinks you're hideous!

She can't even open her mouth properly!
She's eating a burger with a fork and knife!
Homegirl, needs some psychiatric help!
Good luck, with that!

Anyhows, let me know you're thoughts on this. When is it too far?
Till then cheers! And seriously get you a sippy sip and know life is too good to worry about these superficial things in life. Especially when you have nothing to worry about anyways! Love yourself! Be happy with what your momma gave ya!
Just saying!

Stay tuned for The Hills on MTV, Tuesdays @ 10p.m.
I'll be watching to see the new and improved "freakshow," Heidi Montag!
At least she'll be getting in tons of people to tune in...maybe she should get a raise!
Haha...I'm sure Spencer will be on that!

Here's a clip of Heidi being interviewed about her surgery with Access Hollywood...
apparently she almost died from it! Take a look...

Friday, April 23, 2010

And the winner of Project Runway is...

YES! Seth Aaron! So Congrats to Seth Aaron Henderson on his achievements! Job well done, watched the finale last night and I have to say what an impeccable, clean, cohesive, beautiful line he created. I loved it! I can say since the season when Christian Siriano won, I haven't been so impressed with a line, which let's not get started I think Rami was completely ROBBED and beat by Christian Siriano, BUT Christian is talented nonetheless just thought Rami deserved it more, but thank God! The first time in awhile that I felt the line and was completely awed by it. So Seth Aaron won and Emilio lost, which Emilio has been very consistent in the show and had created some nice pieces no doubt, but if we were going to judge solely on Bryant Park gotta say the judges made the right choice. His line was something I'd love to achieve one day. He chose to do this whole 1940s German-Russian military. And can we say WOWZAS! He totally upped his game and the result is him winning the whole sha-bam! It was FIERCE! Well constructed, I wish I owned everything in this collection! I LOVEDDDDDDD! I heart Seth Aaron's line! Kudos to him and wishing him tons of luck in his line! Super talented and he deserved all of it!

Exquisite, I want one in each! Job well done! And for haters out there...
seriously, he deserved it. I was an Emilio fan for what I have seen of the season,
b/c honestly not much of an avid Project Runway fan since I've been in Parsons, but gotta be loyal to my school and watch in spurts! But really Seth Aaron worked it!

Honestly loved Mila's line too! TOTALLY could see myself in everything she made.
But liked Seth Aaron's overall presentation!

Good Luck, Seth Aaron! And I am sure we will see Emilio and Mila around! So good luck to them too!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

SABRIN clothing line

Sabrin is my baby. This is my clothing line which I've been working on for a long time. It is the line I came up with in college, when I was back at UGA, and actually participated in an annual fashion show through the university. It was then I had learned my passion to pursue fashion. It is an ongoing dream, which I hope to one day achieve. This line is a fusion line of Eastern textiles and looks that are fused with a more westernized, modern look.

Not going to say much, but let me know your thoughts on the line. Hopefully I will have more looks to show in the near future, with more dresses, shorts, pants, skirts. Be on a lookout! The photo shoot took place in Atlanta off of Krogg Street. My friend's 16 yr old brother took these pics...he is amazingly talented! His name is Zach Pyles...I think we might have to be on a lookout for him in the near future! Enjoy!

Align Center

MUSIC TO MY EARS! Nordstrom Rack to come to Union Square...VERY SOON!

Not super new news for the person who is a huge fan of Nordstrom, AKA ME! But I wanted to give a shout out to the new Nordstrom Rack as a reminder for those who did know and may have forgotten the "save the date" date or for those who didn't know, which FYI this location will definitely in my opinion be a MAY-JAH mad house. It is opening dun-ta-da-da...MAY 11th! Cannot wait!!! If anyone hasn't experienced the wonderfulness of Nordstrom Rack I say get up and pronto pronto, go check it out! If you want designer prices at a decent reasonable price, please check it out! Now I know Nordstrom does not carry all the designer labels, BUT you get your basics, and personally I'm still a student, but since I'm in fashion school it would be nice to own some "semi" designer labels. And when I say "semi" I mean Michael Kors, DVF, Stella McCartney, J Brand, Nanette Lepore, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dior shades, Fendi shades, L.A.M.B...ummmm, I think that's enough for me with my student budget. My experience with Nordstrom Rack is from back in my hometown of Atlanta, and I've gotten some of the cutest DVF, Nanette Lepore, Marc Jacobs items for such a great bargained price. And I love a bargain! I love getting the sweet smell of designer labels at such a great price. That is just music to my ears. Can you imagine almost bought a Stella McCartney bag for $'s just insanity. So for you kiddies who haven't gone to a Rack...again PRONTO GET UP and make it to the May 11th opening in Union Square at the old Virgin Records location. You'll love it! Trust me! MAY 11th! GO GO GO!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lady "Cuckoo" AKA GAGA

How can I not mention the wonderful Lady Gaga...I mean it would be a shame not to mention her. I just think the woman is genius and whoever her stylist is is crazy awesome. I mean she takes risks to the utmost and wow does she? I mean who would ever say this was her?

I mean she looks gorgeous here...

To look more like this.....

Oh my...she just looks like the girl version of Marilyn Manson and I guess it's wonderful for the shock value, but she is so beautiful without this nonsense. I mean she looks great in her normal garb. I love her look minus this Marilyn Manson look. But I guess she's the only one who can pull it off. I love her music so rock on, Lady Gaga! But please no more Marilyn about let's go back to your eccentric looks minus the horror show...just saying!

This is more like it...

Can this Lady Gaga please come back!
She's so stylish here, but yet still stands out like anything!
PLEASE no more scariness!
Unfortunately I think the scariness might stick for a lil longer!
I still love her and love her music!
She's a rockstar!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh My Word! The Countdown to SATC 2 The Movie!!!!

The official trailer has been posted online! I simply love Sex and the City! The shows, the movie, the books, the whatever! SATC represents being single being in NYC and loving it! But more than that...oh the fashion! I love watching the show and the movie just to see what they are wearing. The Jimmy Choo's, the Manolos, the Louboutin's, the Hermes, the Prada, the Chanel, the Dior...shall I go on? I really would die going through the closet and this feeling is not an exception for the second movie. I am dying to see what they have in store for the fashion in this movie. And I pray that this movie will have a book of the fashion documented, which I am sure they will since the first movie's fashions were all documented. I have to say I am intrigued with Patricia Field and her sense of style and what she has changed for the face of Sex and the City. If anyone remembers the first season of SATC and the pilot, oh God...atrocious! But Patricia Field started to change massively and you can see the evolution of the fashion on the show. The woman has an eye and has a talent to put things together and make them look oh so phenomenal. So I can't wait to see what they have in store for this movie. Not only for the story plotline b/c I have no clue what this one will be about this time around, but the fashion hopefully will top the last. Here is a the link to the trailer for the movie...enjoy! And you get a small taste of the fashion...TOO EXCITED! Time to fall in love again with the characters! Hope everyone gets their sippy on this weekend! Cheers!

Can not wait for this movie! Just look at the clothes!
It's on! MAY 28th!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Price of Beauty?

So I happened to be watching T.V. and came across Jessica Simpson's new show called "The Price of Beauty" and I couldn't help but be intrigued with what the show was about. So the whole concept is her going across the world parlaying and doing her thing and being silly and "dumb" but not "dumb"-Newlywed-dumb, this is a more matured out new-dumb, but for some reason I am drawn to her dumbness. That was probably mean...I will always have a soft spot for Jessica Simpson. She seems like a cool, nice, down-to-earth chica. And that I always have to respect. So back to the show. So far I've seen 3 episodes, she's traveled to Thailand, India, and Uganda and it's been interesting. So for those who haven't seen the show it is about Jessica going around the world finding what "beauty" means around the world. And you experience what "beauty" or how "beauty" differs from country to country. The most interesting was this recent episode about Uganda about fat being a "good" thing. It was alarming to see and hear how fat is regarded to be something of desire. And I've heard that some African countries do regard bigger women as something better, but it was interesting to hear the logic of why and supposedly since they are farmers the more cows they own the more they are of worth b/c they are generating more money/income from these cows and since cows represent status for them they want their wives to represent cows. WHAT?! When I heard that, lord, my jaws dropped, b/c in a not so discreet way these men want their women to look like cows hence the fatness. It was such an interesting logic of why they feel it represents their status, but when asked if their wives wanted them to fatten up they said they can't because they need to be fit to keep up with their herd. So I ask, is this way of life even feasible? I understand it's their culture and their way of beauty, and by all means, there is no label to "beauty" which is what this show is striving to achieve so people understand the different facets of beauty. BUT should be some time of limit? Or am I wrong? Is it enabling these women to die at an earlier age? I do think "beauty" is multi-faceted, BUT at the same time where is the purposefully fatten yourself to be more suitable to a man. It's like if you purposefully lose weight by being anorexic and only eating lettuce leaves and thats it. It's wrong either extreme. It should be a choice, but it shows you to see that women will go to any extent to get men's approval or to be "desirable." Whether it's fattening up in a java-hut-fattening-hut or not eating at all...either extreme is wrong. Being TOO skinny is not desirable and being TOO fat isn't desirable. It's always good to realize that living a smart and healthy way will always keep you happier and more focused in life. But I do believe the message she's trying to portray in this show could definitely send young women a positive message, which may benefit them into understanding that beauty really can be seen in SO many different ways. So let's see what other countries she will visit, next stop is Morocco. Fun! I think that may be interesting for sure. I won't lie I like watching the show for the sheer fact of being a guilty pleasure, but I do think this show is trying to achieve a "deeper" meaning. But sure why not! Make me laugh, make me not think too hard after a long day at school....SCORE! Well kids, remember to sit back, relax, and sippy sip on a cocktail! Cheers! Till next time!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The story...

It's a funny story actually...once upon a time in a far far away land right outside of oh my L.A., one of my best friends who is in medical school happened to be wandering around the bars of a little town outside of L.A. and happened to be par oozing and getting her drink on with her friends. Well this little lady needed another drink, because it was time to let loose and forget all her worries from being such a studious and A+ student, she contemplates,

"What shall I drink, so I can forget everything and not remember a single thing the next morning I wake up?"

"Why of course, anything with vodka in it!"

"Mr. Bartender, give me your finest vodka!"

Mr. Bartender goes and ta- da! Out comes the Roberto Cavalli voodh-ka...what do you know?

"How about some Cavalli vodka, miss?"

Thus bringing me to the beautiful story of how the name of this blog has come efforts to help me come up with a "BRILLIANT" blog name she happened to be naming all such things (fashion related) that did not intrigue me at all and all of a sudden she mentioned to me as if she was giving me information [just in case if I didn't know], "Hey, p.s. Roberto Cavalli makes vodka!" Ummmmm BRILLIANT, GENIUS! That will be the name of this blog! So starts the beginning of this new blog. I'm talking fashion, music, celebs, FOOD, whatever! Let's get to parlaying...and remember to sit back, relax, drink a cocktail, and enjoy the show! Cheers!