Sunday, April 25, 2010

But she was wearing 4 INCH BEBE shoes NOT 6 inch Louboutins!

So I know I've been talking more about shows these days, but I've been keeping the T.V. on in the background and I love watching E! shows for sheer entertainment purposes. But what is this new show on E! seriously about...Pretty Wild...yeah more like Pretty Annoying! Who are these irrelevant girls? I imagine they are nobodies because I've never heard of them in my life. And what is up with the whole Hollywood Burglaries. Never heard of them...and how did that constitute or make them eligible for a damn reality show...maybe I need to do something like that to get my own show. But these girls cry in EVERY episode. It's like shutup you cry baby! I just wanna slap them! But this episode from tonight takes the cake and I say it's my clip of the week! On tonight's episode, Alexis, the middle sister, who was accused of the Hollywood burglaries was interviewed in Vanity Fair about the incident and supposedly was offended by what was written in the magazine about her...she is just sooooo offended why??? Because how dare the journalist but she wrote about Alexis wearing Christian Louboutin shoes that were 6 inches high, versus the fact that she was REALLY wearing 4 inch BEBE SHOES! I mean how dare Vanity Fair change that very vital and SUPER important detail of the trial!!!! I mean what?! The AUDACITY!!!! I just want to know what frickn' difference does 2 inches make? Haha! I mean I guess it's more "sober" and less "call girl" looking, but I want to know why that makes someone cry their eyes out. I know this is a waste of blog space to even mention these nobodies, but I just find humor in these idiotic chicas who seriously just need to go to college and get a college degree because really, get a brain! Keep posted...I will find a clip of this idiotic moment, but can't find one at this moment probably b/c it just aired tonight...but not to worry...I shall post it, so people can laugh at the same thing that made me laugh my ass off! Literally me, my roommate, and her bf were dying laughing of the stupidity of the situation. It's pretty hilarious! Anyhows, if you need a laugh this show will provide that on the sheer fact that these girls are idiots and need a life.

The promised video...Warning it's a 22 min long video, but well worth it b/c you WILL laugh your arse off! Guaranteed! Run along, click that play button! ;-)

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