Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh My Word! The Countdown to SATC 2 The Movie!!!!

The official trailer has been posted online! I simply love Sex and the City! The shows, the movie, the books, the whatever! SATC represents being single being in NYC and loving it! But more than that...oh the fashion! I love watching the show and the movie just to see what they are wearing. The Jimmy Choo's, the Manolos, the Louboutin's, the Hermes, the Prada, the Chanel, the Dior...shall I go on? I really would die going through the closet and this feeling is not an exception for the second movie. I am dying to see what they have in store for the fashion in this movie. And I pray that this movie will have a book of the fashion documented, which I am sure they will since the first movie's fashions were all documented. I have to say I am intrigued with Patricia Field and her sense of style and what she has changed for the face of Sex and the City. If anyone remembers the first season of SATC and the pilot, oh God...atrocious! But Patricia Field started to change massively and you can see the evolution of the fashion on the show. The woman has an eye and has a talent to put things together and make them look oh so phenomenal. So I can't wait to see what they have in store for this movie. Not only for the story plotline b/c I have no clue what this one will be about this time around, but the fashion hopefully will top the last. Here is a the link to the trailer for the movie...enjoy! And you get a small taste of the fashion...TOO EXCITED! Time to fall in love again with the characters! Hope everyone gets their sippy on this weekend! Cheers!

Can not wait for this movie! Just look at the clothes!
It's on! MAY 28th!!!!

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