Friday, April 30, 2010

Long Live McQueen!

Well we all know the beloved Alexander McQueen had committed suicide a few months ago and had devastated the world of fashion. He was a true talent in the fashion industry and was a visionary. Just yesterday we were all informed of how he had attempted to overdose before he hung himself and there were certainly drugs in him. They reported cocaine, sleeping pills, and tranquilizers in his system. It still saddens me that he is gone. He truly was a great talent and was far too young to take his life. It's also reported by McQueen's psychiatrist, Dr. Stephen Pereira, that McQueen has attempted an overdose twice before and also has been quite vocal about feeling too much pressure from his work and felt like his work was the only area in his life he felt like he achieved something. Also Pereira mentioned that McQueen felt a huge void in his life when his mom died and felt like he had very little to live for anymore because his mom was so close to him and now she was gone. I wish there was a way to have reached out to him and make him understand there was a lot to live for. Such as his talent and his work and how he has changed fashion and influenced fashion and was needed to evolve the world of fashion. A true creative genius has been snatched from life and was snatched from a real chance to implement his ideas and talent. It's a shame, but may he rest in peace. Here's my tribute to him, may he be a legend forever in the world of fashion!

Fall 2010

Spring 2008

Spring/Summer 2009

May Alexander McQueen rest in peace.
He was a true visionary and genius and we were lucky to live when he did and witness the true talent this man embodied.

Please enjoy a clip of his final Paris show for Spring/Summer 2010...what a true genius!

Also would like to include something by MOD TV, who was backstage at this show!
It's amazing how conceptual his thought process was.
This video goes into that and shows how brilliant he truly was.
Please enjoy!

I'd like to also include a video clip of probably one of his last interviews which has three parts.

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