Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lady "Cuckoo" AKA GAGA

How can I not mention the wonderful Lady Gaga...I mean it would be a shame not to mention her. I just think the woman is genius and whoever her stylist is is crazy awesome. I mean she takes risks to the utmost and wow does she? I mean who would ever say this was her?

I mean she looks gorgeous here...

To look more like this.....

Oh my...she just looks like the girl version of Marilyn Manson and I guess it's wonderful for the shock value, but she is so beautiful without this nonsense. I mean she looks great in her normal garb. I love her look minus this Marilyn Manson look. But I guess she's the only one who can pull it off. I love her music so rock on, Lady Gaga! But please no more Marilyn about let's go back to your eccentric looks minus the horror show...just saying!

This is more like it...

Can this Lady Gaga please come back!
She's so stylish here, but yet still stands out like anything!
PLEASE no more scariness!
Unfortunately I think the scariness might stick for a lil longer!
I still love her and love her music!
She's a rockstar!

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