Saturday, April 24, 2010

When Plastic Surgery has gone too far

So I happened to be at home watching TV working on some work, and I happened to stop and get sucked into what what...THE HILLS! Don't ask, but I was in the mood for effortless, nonintellectual shows which wouldn't take much thinking because God knows Lost has eaten up too many of my brain cells (SERIOUSLY! What in the world is going on on that show?! Which is totally another subject! So moving on...), but it's the weekend needed something less stimulating. So here I am watching "The Hills" and they've been showing episodes from season 2...YES, season 2! Pre-surgery Heidi Montag! OMG! SHE LOOKS SOOOOOO different right now! It's almost disgusting. She is a monster right now! WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? They kept showing ads for the new season and showed the new Heidi Montag after the surgery and wow is all I can say. Seriously. It was sad. To see her episodes of when she actually looked normal and cute in her mousey little way, but now she looks almost as ick as the "Cat Woman." Ok maybe not as hideous and disgusting, but pretty disgusting. And I want to know when it is too far? I mean homegirl seriously had a chin lift, bigger boobs, nose job, and some tucking of something else on her face. HIDEOUS! She truly was cuter before and had to ruin her face and now there's no going back and my concern for women like this is their lack of self confidence and it saddens me. It saddens me that you have such low confidence that you continue to do more work on yourself. Look I'm all about needed a boob lift/job, a nose job, teeth work done, whatever to boost your confidence. Sure, why not! Do it, if it helps you, whatever floats your boat to help you love yourself more. My issue is the women who still can't love themselves and are finding something "new" to nitpick on about themselves and keeps having these procedures done and God forbid and may he rest in peace because I love me some Michael Jackson, but God forbid someone start looking like him when I'm sorry but Michael Jackson was normal looking at one time in life. It's just sad that these people have this weird condition that makes them to see themselves in a different light and mirror. But Heidi Montag need to ixnay on the plastic surgery! NO MORE! Just leave it as is, and love yourself girl! You're a cute girl! Don't ruin it any more! But hey...whatever floats your boat, but if you want some type of beauty left in your face (which is very little) don't even!

ICK to the pic on the right!
She looked adorable on the left side.
Super girl next door, cute!
Now she looks like a drag queen!

So it's hillarious on the Tuesday's Season premiere we will see Heidi and her family react to her new look and they completely disapprove the surgery and think she looks like a monster as well and it's hillarious b/c it's a clip of her trying to eat a burger and she can't even chew it because her jaw is still sore from this massive surgery. It is hilarious and the poor girl who clearly has image issues is being dogged by her mom for her choices in looking like a monster. Eeks. Bad sign if your mom thinks you're hideous!

She can't even open her mouth properly!
She's eating a burger with a fork and knife!
Homegirl, needs some psychiatric help!
Good luck, with that!

Anyhows, let me know you're thoughts on this. When is it too far?
Till then cheers! And seriously get you a sippy sip and know life is too good to worry about these superficial things in life. Especially when you have nothing to worry about anyways! Love yourself! Be happy with what your momma gave ya!
Just saying!

Stay tuned for The Hills on MTV, Tuesdays @ 10p.m.
I'll be watching to see the new and improved "freakshow," Heidi Montag!
At least she'll be getting in tons of people to tune in...maybe she should get a raise!
Haha...I'm sure Spencer will be on that!

Here's a clip of Heidi being interviewed about her surgery with Access Hollywood...
apparently she almost died from it! Take a look...

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