Friday, April 23, 2010

And the winner of Project Runway is...

YES! Seth Aaron! So Congrats to Seth Aaron Henderson on his achievements! Job well done, watched the finale last night and I have to say what an impeccable, clean, cohesive, beautiful line he created. I loved it! I can say since the season when Christian Siriano won, I haven't been so impressed with a line, which let's not get started I think Rami was completely ROBBED and beat by Christian Siriano, BUT Christian is talented nonetheless just thought Rami deserved it more, but thank God! The first time in awhile that I felt the line and was completely awed by it. So Seth Aaron won and Emilio lost, which Emilio has been very consistent in the show and had created some nice pieces no doubt, but if we were going to judge solely on Bryant Park gotta say the judges made the right choice. His line was something I'd love to achieve one day. He chose to do this whole 1940s German-Russian military. And can we say WOWZAS! He totally upped his game and the result is him winning the whole sha-bam! It was FIERCE! Well constructed, I wish I owned everything in this collection! I LOVEDDDDDDD! I heart Seth Aaron's line! Kudos to him and wishing him tons of luck in his line! Super talented and he deserved all of it!

Exquisite, I want one in each! Job well done! And for haters out there...
seriously, he deserved it. I was an Emilio fan for what I have seen of the season,
b/c honestly not much of an avid Project Runway fan since I've been in Parsons, but gotta be loyal to my school and watch in spurts! But really Seth Aaron worked it!

Honestly loved Mila's line too! TOTALLY could see myself in everything she made.
But liked Seth Aaron's overall presentation!

Good Luck, Seth Aaron! And I am sure we will see Emilio and Mila around! So good luck to them too!

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