Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Price of Beauty?

So I happened to be watching T.V. and came across Jessica Simpson's new show called "The Price of Beauty" and I couldn't help but be intrigued with what the show was about. So the whole concept is her going across the world parlaying and doing her thing and being silly and "dumb" but not "dumb"-Newlywed-dumb, this is a more matured out new-dumb, but for some reason I am drawn to her dumbness. That was probably mean...I will always have a soft spot for Jessica Simpson. She seems like a cool, nice, down-to-earth chica. And that I always have to respect. So back to the show. So far I've seen 3 episodes, she's traveled to Thailand, India, and Uganda and it's been interesting. So for those who haven't seen the show it is about Jessica going around the world finding what "beauty" means around the world. And you experience what "beauty" or how "beauty" differs from country to country. The most interesting was this recent episode about Uganda about fat being a "good" thing. It was alarming to see and hear how fat is regarded to be something of desire. And I've heard that some African countries do regard bigger women as something better, but it was interesting to hear the logic of why and supposedly since they are farmers the more cows they own the more they are of worth b/c they are generating more money/income from these cows and since cows represent status for them they want their wives to represent cows. WHAT?! When I heard that, lord, my jaws dropped, b/c in a not so discreet way these men want their women to look like cows hence the fatness. It was such an interesting logic of why they feel it represents their status, but when asked if their wives wanted them to fatten up they said they can't because they need to be fit to keep up with their herd. So I ask, is this way of life even feasible? I understand it's their culture and their way of beauty, and by all means, there is no label to "beauty" which is what this show is striving to achieve so people understand the different facets of beauty. BUT should be some time of limit? Or am I wrong? Is it enabling these women to die at an earlier age? I do think "beauty" is multi-faceted, BUT at the same time where is the limit...to purposefully fatten yourself to be more suitable to a man. It's like if you purposefully lose weight by being anorexic and only eating lettuce leaves and thats it. It's wrong either extreme. It should be a choice, but it shows you to see that women will go to any extent to get men's approval or to be "desirable." Whether it's fattening up in a java-hut-fattening-hut or not eating at all...either extreme is wrong. Being TOO skinny is not desirable and being TOO fat isn't desirable. It's always good to realize that living a smart and healthy way will always keep you happier and more focused in life. But I do believe the message she's trying to portray in this show could definitely send young women a positive message, which may benefit them into understanding that beauty really can be seen in SO many different ways. So let's see what other countries she will visit, next stop is Morocco. Fun! I think that may be interesting for sure. I won't lie I like watching the show for the sheer fact of being a guilty pleasure, but I do think this show is trying to achieve a "deeper" meaning. But sure why not! Make me laugh, make me not think too hard after a long day at school....SCORE! Well kids, remember to sit back, relax, and sippy sip on a cocktail! Cheers! Till next time!

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