Thursday, April 1, 2010

The story...

It's a funny story actually...once upon a time in a far far away land right outside of oh my L.A., one of my best friends who is in medical school happened to be wandering around the bars of a little town outside of L.A. and happened to be par oozing and getting her drink on with her friends. Well this little lady needed another drink, because it was time to let loose and forget all her worries from being such a studious and A+ student, she contemplates,

"What shall I drink, so I can forget everything and not remember a single thing the next morning I wake up?"

"Why of course, anything with vodka in it!"

"Mr. Bartender, give me your finest vodka!"

Mr. Bartender goes and ta- da! Out comes the Roberto Cavalli voodh-ka...what do you know?

"How about some Cavalli vodka, miss?"

Thus bringing me to the beautiful story of how the name of this blog has come efforts to help me come up with a "BRILLIANT" blog name she happened to be naming all such things (fashion related) that did not intrigue me at all and all of a sudden she mentioned to me as if she was giving me information [just in case if I didn't know], "Hey, p.s. Roberto Cavalli makes vodka!" Ummmmm BRILLIANT, GENIUS! That will be the name of this blog! So starts the beginning of this new blog. I'm talking fashion, music, celebs, FOOD, whatever! Let's get to parlaying...and remember to sit back, relax, drink a cocktail, and enjoy the show! Cheers!

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  1. HEHE love the story of how you got your blog name!! very excited to check out your other posts!